Find currency conversion rates for Canadian and U.S. dollars by visiting a bank or a number of online sources, such as the Bank of Canada or Bloomberg. Many newspapers also print currency conversion information, although... More »

In 2014, the average exchange rate of Canadian dollars to U.S. dollars was about 0.905912 Canadian dollars to $1 U.S. Currency exchange rates change frequently and are influenced by a number of factors. More »

A 1986-issue Canadian $2 bill is worth just face value at the bank while carrying a slight premium from collectors. Rare variations of the bill have sold for at least $10,000 at auctions. More »

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Regularly updated currency converters that allow conversion between U.S. dollars and Iranian rial are available at and Both sites allow users to see how many rial equate to a given amount in dollars, as... More »

The Bank of Canada states that Sir Robert L. Borden, an early 20th century prime minister of Canada, is on the front of the Canadian 100 dollar bill. He was Canada's prime minister from 1911 to 1920. More »

A part of the global floating exchange system, the Canadian dollar is affected by the exchange rate in which one currency is exchanged for another, says Mapleleafweb. Several factors affect the value of the Canadian doll... More »

Currency rates fluctuate often, so to covert 99 euros into dollars, you must find the most current conversion rate and then multiply that number by 99. Using the October 20, 2014 exchange rate, 1 euro is equal to approxi... More »