Lake Michigan measures 307 miles in length and is 118 miles wide. At the surface, the water of the lake covers approximately 22,300 square miles and is ringed by a shoreline that measures 1,638 miles in length. The lake'... More » Geography Bodies of Water

In a typical winter, ice covers approximately 50 percent of the surface of Lake Michigan, but the lake has never completely frozen over. The lake does not freeze due to a vast reservoir of heat that is contained in the l... More »

The states that border Lake Michigan are Michigan on the north and east sides, Wisconsin on the west, Illinois on the southwest and Indiana on the southeast. The lake is connected with Lake Huron via the Straits of Macki... More »

Lake Michigan is 118 miles wide. The lake is 307 miles long and 925 feet deep at its deepest point. The surface of Lake Michigan covers 22,300 square miles. More » Geography Bodies of Water

At its deepest point, Lake Michigan has a depth of 925 feet. On average, however, the lake has a depth of approximately 279 feet. As of 2014, Lake Michigan is the third largest Great Lake in North America with a water su... More »

The maximum depth of Lake Michigan is approximately 925 feet, and the average depth is 279 feet, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Lake Michigan is the third largest Great Lake, stretching 321 miles ... More »

There are, as of 2015, two ferry boats that cross Lake Michigan from Wisconsin to Michigan. These are the Lake Express and S.S. Badger lines; the former connects Milwaukee, Wisconsin with Muskegeon, Michigan, while the l... More » Geography Bodies of Water