A human baby is born with approximately 300 bones. As the child develops, some of these bones fuse together to form the 206 bones of the adult human skeleton. In fact, the newborn cranium has three infused plates at birt... More »

Parents can use a formula feeding chart as a guide to ensure that their children are getting the nutrients required for proper growth. A feeding chart also is beneficial to make sure that a baby eats enough throughout a ... More »

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According to Stanford Children's Health, the newborn skull consists of five bones: two frontal bones, two parietal bones and one occipital bone. These bones are held together by fibrous material known as "sutures." More »

Irregular bones include vertebrae in the back, carpals in the hand, tarsals of the feet and the patella in the kneecap, according to MedicineNet. Irregular bones are normally compact and have different sizes and shapes t... More »

The human spinal cord is protected by the spinal column, which is made up of bones called vertebrae. Each vertebra consists of the spinous process, transverse process and body. The spinal cord passes through the vertebra... More »

The bones that make up the human skeleton comprise about 15 percent of the body weight. Thus, a 200-pound person has a bone weight of about 30 pounds. More »

The BBC explains that the human cranium is composed of eight different bones. These bones are connected to each other via fixed joints, called sutures. In conjunction with the 14 facial bones, the cranium and face compri... More »