According to WebMD, a normal adult has 32 teeth. This includes eight incisors, four canines, eight premolars, eight molars and four wisdom teeth. Many individuals have their wisdom teeth removed during adolescence due to... More »

Tooth numbering begins at the top-right of the mouth, called the upper maxillary jaw, according to Simple Steps to Dental Health, a website operated by Aetna. Numbering continues along the upper teeth and around to the o... More » Health Dental

For adults, most commonly, dentists use the Universal Numbering system, which labels the farthest-back, top molar on the patient's right side as "1." Numbering moves sequentially around to the opposite top molar, which i... More » Health Dental

According to the Encyclopaedia Britannica, humans have 32 permanent, or adult, teeth. The initial set of teeth in humans is called the primary or deciduous set and is made up of 20 teeth. More »

Adults who have all of their adult teeth have a total of 32 teeth. Children who have all of their baby teeth, or "milk teeth," have 20 teeth. More » Health Dental

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