Hands that go numb while a person is asleep are one of the tell-tale signs of carpal tunnel syndrome, according to Precision Orthopaedic Specialties, Inc. If it only happens occasionally, it could be the result of fallin... More »

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A common cause for a hand going numb while asleep can be related to sleeping in a wrong position. Some other factors that can cause this symptom may be different types of medical issues, including many that affect the ne... More »

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Hands may swell during sleep due to dependent edema, which is an increase in fluid in a particular limb of the body. It could also be caused by heart medications, high blood pressure medications and even anti-inflammator... More »

A possible reason a person’s hands swell during sleeping hours is carpal tunnel syndrome, according to E-Hand.com. The symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome typically occur while sleeping, because regular use of the hand wh... More »

Swollen hands upon waking up can occur when a person stays in one position for a long time or sleeps in an odd position cutting off circulation to the hands, says WebMD; however, swollen hands upon waking can also be ind... More »

When a person is dying, physical symptoms include hands, feet and legs becoming cold; fingers, earlobes lips and nail beds turning a bluish or grey color; reduced blood pressure; and an increased but weaker heart rate. F... More »

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According to Reading Row, fine motor skills refer to small movements made with the tongue, lips, fingers, hands, wrists, toes and feet while gross motor skills refer to movements made with large muscle groups, such as wa... More »