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HEALING NOVENA FOR THE INTERCESSION OF ST. JOHN PAUL II. Opening Prayer each day: Merciful God, I pray with thanks and gratitude for the great spiritual gift of Saint John Paul II’s apostolic life and mission.


O’ glorious Saint Raphael the Archangel, herald of blessings, pray for us! Amen. NOVENA TO ST. RAPHAEL THE ARCHANGEL (Pray for 9 days or 9 hours straight)-Recite one Our Father, one Hail Mary and one Glory Be… Glorious Archangel St. Raphael, great prince of the heavenly court, you are illustrious for your gifts of wisdom and grace.


If you are suffering from physical, spiritual, or emotional pain than look to Him for your healing. God works through you to give hope and faith to others that may be suffering in the same condition. Here are some good novena prayers for healing that will help quicken your recovery.


St. Peregrine Novena New here? Join us in Prayer! Click here to get novena reminders by email!. St. Peregrine is the Patron Saint of Cancer Patients. St. Peregrine was known for his holiness but also for a miraculous healing that he received.


St. Jude Healing Novena – Public prayer for healing of body and/or mind. Nine days of prayer to St. Jude for his intercession to Jesus for healing. Anyone can request themselves or another person to be included in the Healing Novena prayer, with the persons permission.


Choose a novena; Choose a prayer intention for the novena; Pray the novena prayer once per day for 9 days; Read all about how to pray a novena in full detail below. The difficulty that most people have is remembering to pray each day and staying on track for all 9 days. The #1 way to pray a novena is with the Pray Catholic Novena app.


How to Pray a Novena What is a Novena? The word novena is taken from “novem,” the Latin word for nine. A novena is made up of nine days of prayer and meditation usually to ask God for special prayer requests or petitions.


This novena is appropriate to pray for our own intention or for the intention of another, and for the healing of soul as well as body. If you are praying it for someone else, replace "me" in "Look with pity on me" with the name of the person. Novena to St. Anthony Mary Claret .


Healing Novena . To Christ the Great Physician We know that there is one physician: Both flesh and spirit uncreated, yet born God in man True life in death


A novena is a nine day prayer dedicated for intercessory needs,This is why the novena is an incredible and powerful prayer.Novena to the Divine Mercy,Catholic Novenas