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Some tips for writing a song include using a rhyming dictionary, practicing free association and writing new lyrics for existing tracks. It may also be useful to find a songwriting partner with a different approach to melody and lyrics, according to soundonsound.


Some tips to improve writing include reading extensively, writing extensively, developing a writing ritual and experimenting with writing. Writing is a skill, just like any other art form, and becoming a good writer takes discipline and practice.


Tips for writing a poem include choosing an interesting subject, using emotion to write the poem and adding imagery to the poem through words. The author should first choose the pattern of the poem so he can use his words to fill the pattern.


When naming characters in a fantasy novel, the most important thing to consider is how well the name fits the personality of that character. Their name shouldn't be too weird or difficult to pronounce, and ideally has a nice ring to it. One of the best places to start i...


Write a chapter summary of a novel by composing a concise recap of the major events and conflicts within the chapter. Don't forget to include information about the main and secondary characters, themes, and setting when writing the summary.


Some tips for writing checks include using a black gel ink pen, writing the dollar amount close to the dollar sign, and writing a unique, legible signature, reports the Houston Chronicle. Because checks are easy to counterfeit, safe check-writing is crucial to prevent f...


Tips on writing a memoir is focusing on one life event, sticking to a writing schedule and capturing the writers interest by creating a great beginning. A memoir can help leave something permanent for descendants of the writer and make sense of certain life experiences....