The transitory nature of life is the theme of "Nothing Gold Can Stay." In this poem, Robert Frost marries natural imagery to Biblical allusions to create a short, resonant statement about the impossibility of maintaining... More »

The origin of the quote "Stay gold, Ponyboy" is the 1967 novel "The Outsiders" by S. E. Hinton. In the novel, Johnny Cade breaks his back while rescuing children from a burning church. As he is dying, he tells his friend... More »

Some appropriate poems for funerals include "Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night" by Dylan Thomas, "Look for Me in Rainbows" by Conn Bernard and Vicki Brown, and "Do Not Stand at my Grave and Weep" by Mary Frye. "A Tim... More » Art & Literature Literature Poetry

The theme of the poem "Lucinda Matlock" by Edgar Lee Masters is determination and the enjoyment of living a full life. Lucinda Matlock, the main character, narrates the poem from beyond the grave after she dies at the ag... More »

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow chooses the importance of living life now as the central theme of his poem, "A Psalm of Life." In the poem, a young man addresses a psalmist, telling him to "Act, - act in the living Present!" More »

The theme of "The Tide Rises, the Tide Falls" by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, as most often interpreted, is that nature is indifferent to the life of humans and when a human dies, nature still continues its cyclical patte... More »

Some sample slogans for the element gold are: "Gold, because life's complicated enough," or "Everything feels different with gold." Slogans like these can be generated at sites like or More »