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not allowed in a sentence - Use not allowed in a sentence and its meaning 1. ... Athletes are not allowed to take outside jobs under NCAA rules. click for ...


More 200 Not allowed synonyms. What are another words for Not allowed? Prohibited, forbidden, not permitted. Full list of synonyms for Not allowed is here.


Are you looking for meaning of not allowed in Latin? English-Latin dictionary - Dictionary of All Language.


not allowed; prohibited: a forbidden food in his religion. Physics. involving a change in quantum numbers that is not permitted by the selection rules: ...


Allow definition, to give permission to or for; permit: to allow a student to be absent;No swimming allowed. See more.


Hi, 1) You can't smoke in this room. 2) You are not allowed to smoke in this room. Are they both correct ? Is there any difference in meaning?


English to Marathi Dictionary: not allowed. Meaning and definitions of not allowed, translation of not allowed in Marathi language with similar and opposite ...


(16) Remember though it is a skill and not everyone needs to learn, don't obsess about it! English to Malayalam Dictionary: not allow. Meaning and definitions ...


Not Allowed Meaning In Urdu ... Not Allowed Meaning in English to Urdu is اجازت نہیں, as written in Urdu and , as written in Roman Urdu. There are many synonyms ...


Girls not allowed - Punjabi translation, definition, meaning, synonyms, pronunciation, transcription, antonyms, examples. English - Punjabi Translator.


synonyms for not allowed · banned · illegal · restricted · against the law · forbidden · illicit · out of bounds · taboo&nbs...