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North America Life Insurance can be purchased by contacting an agent of the company via its official contact form on the company's official website (northamericancompany.com). The form can also be used to express interest in the company's annuities program which requires certain information, such as


North American Insurance Company does not offer free quotes because it no longer provides new policies, according to the company website. The company has 60,000 policyholders throughout the United States for whom the company administers premiums and claims, and it aims to retain its current customer


Home Life Insurance Company was an insurer established in 1860 in Brooklyn, New York, as noted by The Phoenix Companies. It was the first insurance company authorized to conduct business in New York by the New York Insurance Department. It merged with Phoenix Insurance in 1992 under the name Phoenix


Life insurance companies are rated based on their creditworthiness, which is defined as their capacity to satisfy their continuing financial, contract and policy obligations, according to A.M. Best. As of 2015, A.M. Best rates insurance companies after evaluating their business profiles, operating p


In 2007, the Peoples Benefit Life Insurance company merged with Monumental Life, which now owns and manages all of its accounts. The company's headquarters is in Iowa. Monumental Life is a member of the Aegon financial group.


Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company and New York Life Insurance Company offer life insurance policies, as of 2015, notes About.com. Both companies have been in business for more than 150 years and offer several types of life insurance plans.


Some of the top life insurance companies include MetLife, StateFarm, AARP, and ING as shown on the Consumer Affairs website. The companies were rated based on policy benefits, price, premiums and customer service.


The top life insurance companies are John Hancock, Frankenmuth Insurance, Allstate, MetLife and Prudential, according to Consumer Affairs. AARP, J.C. Penney, Mutual of Omaha, Conseco and AAA round out the list of top 10 companies.


Jackson National Life Insurance Company is an insurance and investment firm based in Lansing, Michigan. The company, colloquially known as Jackson, offers annuities and fixed income investments. It is a division of the British corporation Prudential.


The top five life insurance companies for 2015 include HSBC Insurance, Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company, New York Life, Globe and Prudential Life Insurance, according to A2ZTermLife.com. Liberty Mutual, Mutual of Omaha, State Farm, Metropolitan or MetLife, and Mega Health and Life round out the t