There isn't a specified blood pressure level that is considered normal for all children, says the American Heart Association. Normal blood pressure varies with each child and depends on many factors such as gender, age a... More »

Blood pressure is considered to be high when the systolic reading is between 140 and 159 mm Hg or the diastolic reading is between 90 and 99 mm Hg or higher, according to the American Heart Association. This is known as ... More »

Stress, food sensitivities and emotional turmoil can lead to elevations in blood pressure, so managing those conditions keeps blood pressure more consistent. People who have a history of hypertension develop blood vessel... More »

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The American Heart Association provides printable blood pressure logs online. The blood pressure tracker comes with instructions for taking blood pressure and a chart that categorizes each blood pressure reading. More »

The result of blood pressure dropping to 54/20 millimeters of mercury depends on the previous blood pressure level and why the reading dropped, reports the American Heart Association. Nothing may happen, or a person's he... More »

Coenzyme Q10 may lower blood pressure when taken for one to three months, according to the University of Maryland Medical System. From the scientific evidence, researchers determined that coenzyme Q10 has the potential t... More »

Acetylcholine slows the heart rate and decreases blood pressure. The National Dysautonomia Research Foundation states that the most important transmitters in the autonomic nervous system are acetylcholine and norepinephr... More »