To build a nonprofit board of directors, first assess the needs and tasks of the board in order to ascertain what kind of skills board members will need and select an easily manageable number of people with those skills ... More »

People selecting potential board members for a nonprofit should choose candidates who share a passion for the organization's work, who are willing to help with practical tasks, have strong community ties and are willing ... More » Government & Politics Law

Though the specific details of the position may vary between entities and industries, the job description for a member of the board of directors for a nonprofit typically focuses on offering foresight and guidance to the... More » Business & Finance
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The exact nature of a hospital organizational chart may vary depending on the site of the entity and the services it offers, though it is likely to include a board of directors at the top and a series of department heads... More »

A managing director is in charge of developing new business for the firm, ensuring customer satisfaction, employing and retaining workers and briefing the board of directors on the development of the firm. He wins and ma... More »

Responsibilities of a compliance department include ensuring that the board of directors, management and employees abide by the company's internal policies. Depending on the nature of the business, a compliance departmen... More »

A document that details terms of investment, a term sheet typically includes information on the company's valuation, its board of directors, disclosure requirements and pro rata rights. A term sheet also outlines change-... More »