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In mathematics and science, a nonlinear system is a system in which the change of the output is not proportional to the change of the input. Nonlinear problems are of interest to engineers, biologists, physicists, mathematicians, and many other scientists because most systems are inherently nonlinear in nature. Nonlinear dynamical systems, describing changes in variables over time, may appear ...


Nonlinear definition is - not linear. How to use nonlinear in a sentence.


Define nonlinear. nonlinear synonyms, nonlinear pronunciation, nonlinear translation, English dictionary definition of nonlinear. adj. 1. Not in a straight line. 2. Mathematics a. Occurring as a result of an operation that is not linear. b. Containing a variable with an exponent other...


Nonlinear narrative, disjointed narrative or disrupted narrative is a narrative technique, sometimes used in literature, film, hypertext websites and other narratives, where events are portrayed, for example, out of chronological order or in other ways where the narrative does not follow the direct causality pattern of the events featured, such as parallel distinctive plot lines, dream ...


Non-linear definition, of, consisting of, or using lines: linear design. See more.


non-linear meaning: used to describe a process, series of events, etc. in which one thing does not clearly or directly…. Learn more. Cambridge Dictionary +Plus


Non-linear is a multi-skilled design studio specialized in visual communication and digital development founded in Milan In 2010. We make projects that explore the relationship between humans and technology. We craft digital products combining contemporary design principles, coding and visual arts.


Non-linear is a portal of design inquiry established by Michael Hersrud. His creative practice explores algorithmic, audiovisual, digital drawing, language, layering, looping, sound, surface & systematic structures to translate & transcribe liminal spaces.


‘The videotapes were digitized, and processed through a computer based non-linear video editing system.’ ‘For editing non-linear computer editing is the only way to go.’ ‘The key to all of this is non-linear computer editing.’ ‘This has certainly been the case with non-linear digital editing systems.’


Non-linear definition: If you describe something as non-linear , you mean that it does not progress or develop... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples. Log In Dictionary. ... Definition of 'non-linear'