According to the United States Department of State, a non-binding contract lays out the terms of an agreement without obligating either party to fulfill the terms. It is used to create an understanding of an agreement be... More »

Non-allosteric enzymes are a subset of enzymes that do not have an allosteric binding site in addition to the active site. These enzymes change in function solely due to the binding of a substrate to the active site and ... More »

A non-solicitation agreement is a type of business contract. These agreements are often used by companies to prevent former employees from soliciting business from current customers and employees. More »

When one writes a letter to cancel a contract, include the specific terms of the contract under which termination of the agreement is allowed. A letter of cancellation must specify the effective date of the termination. ... More » Government & Politics Law

A contract cancellation forms contains the terms under which a party is permitted to terminate a contract agreement, according to Rocket Lawyer. The form also states when the contract ends. More » Government & Politics Law

An addendum to a contract is an addition or change to the terms of an existing contract that is signed by all parties to the original agreement, according to The Law Dictionary. It describes any changes or modifications ... More »

Benefits of reading the terms and conditions of an agreement include avoiding extra fees or charges, being certain about the length of your contract, and knowing whether a contract can be canceled, according to Webroot. ... More » Government & Politics Law