By law, the speed limit on Texas highways is 70 mph. However, some Texas highways that are built to handle higher speeds may have a maximum speed limit of 75 to 85 mph. More » Geography

According to the Governor’s Highway Safety Association, each individual state is responsible for setting its own speed limits. This means the speed limit in residential areas differs from state to state. For instance, in... More » Government & Politics Law Driving Laws

As of 2015, street speed limits are set by state and local governments by statute. Furthermore, every state has a basic speed law, requiring drivers to maintain a reasonable and prudent speed for the conditions, accordin... More » Government & Politics Law Driving Laws
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Traffic fines can be avoided by getting familiar with a state's traffic law, driving at a speed within the absolute speed limit and keeping an eye out for patrol cars on highways, says HowStuffWorks. Avoiding attracting ... More » Government & Politics Law Driving Laws

Texas doesn't have a law on how many times a person can marry in his lifetime, but there must be evidence of divorce, such as a divorce decree, whenever a person marries again, as noted by the Texas Department of State H... More » Government & Politics Law Legal Ages

The speed limit in an urban residential area in Chile is typically 60 kph, which is 37.3 mph. On rural roads, the speed limit is 100 kph, or 62 mph. On highways, the speed limit is 120 kph, or 75 mph. More » Government & Politics Foreign Laws

Depending on the type of Texas map, it can show counties, highways, roads, cities, elevation and physical features, such as rivers and mountains. Two sites that provide these different types of Texas maps are Maps of Wor... More » Geography Maps & Cartography