To make a fleece scarf, cut a long rectangle from a yard of fleece fabric. One yard of fabric can yield up to five scarves. Fleece does not unravel, so it does not need to be sewn, but you can cut a second rectangle to s... More »

Fleece projects that require no sewing include blankets, scarves, pillows and dog beds. Because fleece doesn’t fray when cut, crafters can leave the edges raw. More »

To make a no-sew fleece poncho, cut a large square of fleece. Fold it in half twice and cut a curved quarter-circle out of the middle point to make a hole for your head. More »

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To tie a sailor neckerchief, fold the fabric diagonally, start rolling from the bottom point, and continue rolling until the whole scarf is rolled. Drape the neckerchief around the neck, tie a square knot, and adjust the... More »

Crafters can make a twist scarf with some millinery wire and about half a yard of fabric, notes Sew Be It Studio. The wire holds the ends of the scarf in place when folding it into unique shapes as a headband or around t... More »

To make an infinity scarf, you need 3/4 yard of 60-inch wide lightweight jersey fabric, straight pins, thread, an iron, thread and a sewing machine or needle. This creates a short scarf with finished dimensions of 59 inc... More »

An easy way to fold a pocket handkerchief is to lay it flat and fold it once to create a rectangle. Next, fold the rectangle so that the short edges are just short of each other, and then fold it in thirds to tuck into t... More »