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Nitrogen is used by organisms in the form of nitrate to build DNA and RNA, and to construct amino acids. Commercially, nitrogen is used in the creation of steel and electronics.


Nitrogen is an important chemical element with a variety of different functions. It helps form compounds that are essential to life and it is required for living things to grow. Nitrogen is a vital part of amino acids, which are the small structures that help make up pr...


Manufacturers do not make nitrogen, but refine it through the fractional distillation of liquid air. The Earth's atmosphere is over 78 percent oxygen, which is one of the noble gases and does not easily form compounds with other elements.


Nitrogen takes its name from the Greek language; the words "nitron" and "genes" combine to form "forming saltpeter." Daniel Rutherford, a Scottish scientist, discovered nitrogen in 1772 and gave it its name.


Nitrogen is a colorless gas. Nitrogen is also a tasteless and odorless gas. At what are known as standard pressures and temperatures, nitrogen is an inert gas.


Nitrogen is important because it sees a significant amount of use in the agricultural sector: it is an additive in many commercial fertilizers and is sprayed on crop fields to reduce the risk of insect infestation and crop failure. Nitrogen is produced using natural gas...


Nitrogen is one of the base elements found on the periodic table and is designated by the chemical symbol N. In nature, two N atoms are generally found paired up to form an N2 molecule, which exists as a colorless, odorless and tasteless gas, according to the Encycloped...