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To cycle a tank, set the tank up with water, a filter and a small number of hardy fish. Change the water every two to three days, and test it regularly until there is no sign of ammonia or nitrates. Cycling a fish tank takes six to eight weeks to complete.


The nitrogen cycle works by driving the circulation of nitrogen through biotic and abiotic components of an ecosystem. The cycle begins and ends with molecular nitrogen floating freely as a major component of the Earth's atmosphere.


The nitrogen cycle is important due to its role as a basis for the production of nitrogen that is essential to all forms of life. The atmosphere contains a vast majority of the natural nitrogen found on Earth.


The steps of the nitrogen cycle are nitrogen fixation, nitrification, ammonifcation and denitrification. During the first step, nitrogen fixation, special bacteria convert nitrogen gas into ammonia which is used by plants. The second step, nitrification, involves converting ammonia into nitrite ions


An aquarium's nitrogen cycle is the process a new aquarium undergoes to establish bacterial colonies, according to About.com. As fish excrete waste and plants inside the aquarium decay, bacteria grow to convert this waste to less toxic byproducts. The fish are at risk until there is enough bacteria.


Humans affect the nitrogen cycle through activities that increase the amount of nitrogen that is biologically available in an ecosystem. The major culprits are fossil fuel combustion and the application of nitrogen-based fertilizer. Fossil fuel combustion releases nitric oxides and combines with oth


To clean a fish tank, unplug the heater, switch off the pump, disconnect the filter, and remove any artificial plants or decorations before vacuuming the gravel and replacing the water. Separately clean the filter, artificial plants and decorations in a tub or sink before replacing them.


A fish tank can be set up by first purchasing all of the needed equipment and then setting up the aquarium and stand, placing the gravel and water, installing the filter and then decorating. To find out the appropriate equipment for a particular kind of fish visit the local pet store or local librar


According to aquarium experts, the Cascade 1000 Canister Filter is the best freshwater fish tank filter on the market. The filter is suitable for tanks up to 100 gallons and can pump up to 265 gallons in a single hour.


Decomposers' role in the nitrogen cycle is to recycle nitrogen by turning it into ammonia. The ammonia is returned to the soil, allowing the nitrogen cycle to start over again. A small amount of the nitrogen is returned to the atmosphere in this step.