While Nissan is a Japanese car manufacturer, the company maintains manufacturing facilities in many countries. Cars destined for the North American market may come from factories in Japan, Mexico or the United States. Th... More »

Nissan Motor Co., which is headquartered in Yokohama City, Japan, makes Nissan automobiles. The company's North American headquarters is located in Franklin, Tenn., according to the company's corporate website. More »

Prices to rent a Nissan vehicle vary based on a number of factors. The particular model of Nissan vehicle plays a role in determining the rental price, along with factors such as rental length and location. More »

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The 2010 Mazda CX-9 is a crossover SUV offering by the Japanese car manufacturer that offers a maximum towing capacity of 3,500 pounds. The CX-9 model was introduced into Mazda's lineup of vehicles in 2007. More »

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One example of a good car trivia question is: Which Japanese car manufacturer was the first to sell their cars in the United Kingdom? Although a larger company such as Honda or Toyota may seem like a logical choice, the ... More »

Since 2012, Nissan's slogan has been "Innovation That Excites" in the United States. For the two years preceding 2012, the slogan "Innovation For All" was used in the United States. More »

Activating the key to your Nissan is a task that can be easily and efficiently completed on your own time at home. All you will need is your Nissan vehicle and the key or keys to be activated. Once inside your car, lock ... More »