The Nile Delta marks the location in northern Egypt where the Nile River empties into the Mediterranean Sea. Because most rivers deposit silt in the shape of a triangle, resembling the Greek letter delta, the mouth of a ... More » Geography Africa

The Nile River has had five stages in its evolution, with the first being the Eonile that formed approximately 5 million years ago, coinciding with the drying up of the Mediterranean Sea during the Miocene period. The ot... More » Geography Bodies of Water

The cataracts of the Nile River are portions of the river characterized by a sheer, rocky topography and a predominance of boulders that obstruct navigation in these areas. Although numerous cataracts have been charter, ... More » Geography Bodies of Water
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The Nile River begins just south of the Equator, flows northward through Egypt, Sudan, Uganda, Ethiopia, Zaire, the Sahara Desert, Kenya, Tanzania, Eritrea, Burundi, and Rwanda and ends at the Mediterranean Sea after flo... More » Geography Africa

The Nile River is approximately 4,135 feet in length. At it widest points, the river can stretch across two miles. The only other river to rival the size of the Nile is the Amazon River located in South America. More » Geography Africa

The Nile River, one of the longest river systems in the world, begins with six cataracts that flow into a narrow valley-river section, then spreads out into the marshy Nile Delta near the Mediterranean Sea. Up to 90 perc... More » Geography Bodies of Water

Located near the Nile River and the Pyramids of Giza, Cairo, Egypt, is in the northern part of the country, about 100 miles from the Mediterranean Sea and 75 miles from the Suez Canal. Its rapid growth since 1952 means m... More » Geography Africa