Air Jordans are manufactured in China. As of 2015, the largest supplier of Air Jordans is the Yue Yuen factory in Dongguan, owned by the Taiwanese company, the Pou Chen Group. The company has held a contract with Nike si... More »

The Nike Air Foamposite shoe features a synthetic molded upper with mesh on the tongue, Nike Zoom in the heel and forefoot for cushioning, a stitch-free design, a translucent rubber outsole for traction and graphic detai... More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing Shoes

Nike does not recommend using any shoe care or cleaning products on its shoes. It also does not recommend using a washing machine or dryer for use on its shoes. Saddle soap should not be used on leather portions of any s... More »

As of May 2015 Nike does not have a fixed release schedule for shoes in the Jordan line, but it has generally released a new model of Air Jordans each year since they were introduced. The release of the new model is usua... More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing Shoes

The Air Jordan brand of shoes, considered as one of Nike's famous products, is manufactured in China. Nike's Air Jordan is named after retired basketball player Michael Jordan. More »

Air Jordans for the most part are manufactured in the country of China. They were manufactured for the first time in 1985. More »

Create your own custom Jordan athletic shoes on There are many options for customizations of existing shoes, as well as detailed search features to find the ideal combination. More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing Shoes