Nike gives general guidelines for proper cleaning for Air Force 1 and other shoes, including steps like removing dirt and other lose grime with a soft-bristled shoe brush or out-of-use toothbrush, using a mild detergent ... More » and are online retailers that sell discounted Air Force One shoes. As of 2016, discounts on are as high as around 50 percent, while offers discounts of about $10 for so... More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing Shoes

Clean white Air Force One sneakers by removing loose soil, wiping the surface and scrubbing them with a mildly abrasive. Regular spot cleaning makes stains easier to remove. More »

There are two primary routes that can be used to make custom Jordan sneakers: the shoes can be customized by hand or can be ordered with custom details through Nike's iD feature, which allows customers to add personalize... More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing Shoes

To shrink stretched leather shoes, pretreat the shoes with leather protectant, soak the shoes with water, dry the shoes and apply leather softener. You need a leather protectant, water, spray bottle, towel, hair or cloth... More »

Nike does not recommend using any shoe care or cleaning products on its shoes. It also does not recommend using a washing machine or dryer for use on its shoes. Saddle soap should not be used on leather portions of any s... More »

Nike uses leather and rubber to make its shoes. The company states that it is committed to using materials that reduce environmental impact. The company works with suppliers to find environmentally friendly materials tha... More »