Some part-time jobs at night include being a baker or pastry chef, casino worker or a taxi driver. These jobs are often part-time. Funeral directors often work the graveyard shift, though the hours range between part-tim... More »

Some good sources for finding a night time job include specialized job search sites like WorkAtNight and regular job search engines like Monster. Job portals on company websites also list jobs for all shifts available, s... More »

Good part-time jobs for students are those that work around classes and student schedules. Some examples include on-campus jobs or tutoring for those who want to work on or close to campus. Restaurant work and package ha... More »

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Some common night shift vacancies are clinical lab technicians, taxi drivers, photojournalists, and pastry chefs and bakers. Health care workers, including nurses, doctors and paramedics, are also common night shift vaca... More »

According to CareerCast's 2014 list, the most stressful jobs are, in descending order, enlisted military personnel, military general, firefighter, airline pilot, event coordinator, public relations executive, senior corp... More »

Some common LSG Sky Chef jobs include food service position, first production cook, storekeeper, airline beverage and assembler and food equipment handler, as noted by LSG Sky Chefs. The company always seeks employees fo... More »

Examples of jobs attainable with little or no experience in the field include debt collection agent, direct sales roles, customer service representative, delivery driver and various secretarial roles. Many food service a... More »