Prevent leg cramps by performing stretches before bed and sleeping with loose covers, according to WebMD. Getting enough exercise during the day can also help ease cramps that show up at night. More » Health Pain & Symptoms

Home treatment for nighttime leg cramps includes stretching and massaging the affected muscle, having a warm shower, using a heating pad or applying a cold pack atop a cloth placed on the skin, says WebMD. Acetaminophen,... More » Health Conditions & Diseases Breaks & Sprains states that massaging and stretching the cramped muscle and taking a hot bath or shower to relax the muscle are the best ways to treat leg cramps. Preventative measures, such as staying hydrated, stretching reg... More » Health Conditions & Diseases

The best remedy for leg cramps is a series of exercises and stretches and to stay hydrated. If a patient suffers from recurrent cramps, other measures may have to be taken to provide relief from the leg cramps, as stated... More » Health Pain & Symptoms

The effectiveness of treatment for leg cramps depends on the underlying cause of the cramp, but most cramps respond well to self-treatment, notes WebMD. Many are also easy to prevent by drinking plenty of fluids and avoi... More » Health Pain & Symptoms

The primary cause of leg cramps at night is unknown, states WebMD. Doctors link this condition to several conditions, including pregnancy, dehydration, alcoholism, structural disorders and Parkinson's disease, says Cleve... More » Health Pain & Symptoms

The exact cause of nocturnal leg cramps is unknown. However, the Cleveland Clinic reports, some cases have been traced to everyday home and workplace hazards, such as overworking the muscles, sitting for too long or in a... More » Health Pain & Symptoms