A Nigerian bank scam can be reported by sending evidence of the scam, such as emails or letters, to the U.S. Secret Service, a local Federal Bureau of Investigation office or the U.S. Postal Inspection Service, according... More »

Protect yourself from Nigerian email scam artists by deleting any messages you get that are purportedly from Nigerian officials soliciting your involvement in plans to get large sums of money out of the country, reports ... More »

If someone you are communicating with is a Nigerian scam artist, they are likely to exhibit telltale signs like asking for money and using awkward-sounding phrases. If someone you are dating online asks for money to come... More »

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To report fraud to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, ensure the FBI is the proper investigating authority for the crime in question, and then use the FBI’s Tips and Public Leads form to make a report. Alternatively, c... More »

The United States Federal Bureau of Investigation, or FBI, and the United States Secret Service both investigate bank and lending fraud, notes the United States Department of Justice. Those who suspect they are victims o... More »

Different federal agent badges include the U.S. marshals, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Central Intelligence Agency and Secret Service. The U.S. marshals' badge is a five-point star inside a gold circle; on top of the... More »

The Federal Bureau of Investigation's website,, publishes information on America's most wanted criminals. The FBI also routinely publicizes criminals on the popular television show "America's Most Wanted: America... More »