A niche is a scientific term used to describe the relationships between a species and the elements in its ecosystem. It is determined primarily by the way a species reacts to environmental factors, such as food sources a... More »

A map maker is formally called a cartographer. A cartographer is trained in cartography, which incorporates elements of both science and art. More »

Roku XS streaming players have hundreds of channels to choose from. Roku offers easy access to a large assortment of entertainment genres including history and news, pop music, reality TV and niche interests such as cowb... More »

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Biotic factors are living organisms affecting a particular ecosystem and their relationships. Fish, frogs, water plants, bacteria and insects are biotic factors in a river habitat. More »

Biotic factors are the living things that make up an ecosystem, while abiotic factors are the nonliving elements that affect an ecosystem and the living things that are a part of it. Biotic and abiotic factors interact c... More »

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The way an organism interacts with the other species in the same ecosystem and the way it utilizes available resources determines its niche. Where an organism lives and what it eats shows how it utilizes available resour... More »

A lion's niche refers to its place in its ecosystem and the lion's niche is at the top of the food chain where it is responsible for eating numerous animal species. The lion's job in its ecosystem is to help control the ... More »