Some nice things to say to a woman could include compliments such as "It's nice to see you," "Your eyes look beautiful" or "You have a great sense of humor." Selecting which nice things to say to a particular woman depen... More » Health

According to Dr. Barton Goldsmith of "Psychology Today," nice things to say are ones that make the person feel loved or appreciated. This could include such statements as "I love you," "I'm glad we're together," and "I a... More » Health

Some things you can say to comfort someone who is grieving are that you are sorry for their loss, that you are available to help out and that you will listen if they want to talk about it. It is usually considered approp... More » Health

Becoming a classy woman requires developing a sense of style, focusing on grooming and posture, and learning to be elegant in one's approach to all things. Above all, a classy woman is gracious, kind and true to herself,... More » World View Social Sciences Cultures & Traditions

Flirt online by communicating casually as if speaking in person, using sincere compliments and showcasing your sense of humor. Use emoticons and flirtatious punctuation, such winks and smiles. More » Health

Attracting men involves flirtation in the form of compliments, asking questions, and generally expressing interest in his conversation, but oftentimes, it's not what a woman says but how she says it that is truly attract... More » Health

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