According to Dr. Barton Goldsmith of "Psychology Today," nice things to say are ones that make the person feel loved or appreciated. This could include such statements as "I love you," "I'm glad we're together," and "I a... More » Health

Men enjoy compliments as much as women do, so compliment his appearance recently or his performance on a recent project. Success at work is important to men. Compliment his promotion or new skills. More » Health

Some nice things to say to a woman could include compliments such as "It's nice to see you," "Your eyes look beautiful" or "You have a great sense of humor." Selecting which nice things to say to a particular woman depen... More » Health
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The difference between things that are transparent and things that are translucent is that transparent objects are see-through while translucent ones are not. Standard glass windows, for example, are transparent. More » Science Physics

Prune your Sprengeri fern before its growing season to maintain its health and appearance by removing old, dead branches and trimming back the newer ones. Gloves and heavy clothing are a requirement; Sprengeri ferns feat... More »

A person with a redundant colon has a large intestine that is bigger than ones in the average human body. It is longer than usual, and the extra organ material creates loops in the colon that are repetitive, or redundant... More » Science Human Anatomy

To find a person who lives in New Jersey's phone number, enter their complete name and location into an online phone directory such as the ones found on, Click Search in order to generate a list o... More » Government & Politics Public Records