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Long-Term Safety of Birth Control Pills. For women taking birth control pills of any type, there is increased risk of blood clots, especially for smokers and women over 35. "The risk is going to ...


Let's face it, we all live busy lives and we tend to forget to use birth control methods. The most common one used on a daily basis is the birth control pill. Other methods don't require you to take it as often or require protection during intercourse.


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The explorer is a place to learn about all your birth control options. We cover every available method, from the IUD (and others on our most effective list) to condoms, the pill, the patch, and more. Click on any method for more details. Want a more apples-to-apples way to compare? View a side-by-side comparison.


If you want to get pregnant within the next year, you might consider other methods of birth control. It can take 10 months or more to become fertile again after you stop the shot.


Birth control options range from oral contraceptives, barrier methods, surgical sterilization (tubal ligation for a woman, or vasectomy for a man), or emergency contraception. Side effects depend upon the type of birth control. The choice of what birth control a woman or couple chooses depends upon the health of the individuals and whether they want to conceive a child or not.


Explore your options and learn the facts about abortion and birth control methods, including birth control pills, birth control patch and the morning after pill. Read about birth control options ...


Continued 9 Tips for Using Birth Control. You’ll want to do these things so your birth control works:. 1. Be prepared. It needs to be easy for you to use. 2. Check expiration dates.


What it's called: Estrostep Fe, LoEstrin 1/20, Ortho-Novum 7/7/7, Ortho Tri-Cyclen Lo, Yasmin, Yaz What it does: This birth control mainstay is still 99% effective against pregnancy when taken ...


Drugs Used for Birth Control The following list of medications are in some way related to, or used in the treatment of this condition. All drug classes - hormones/antineoplastics (5) - contraceptives (237) - spermicides (3) - progestins (30) - sex hormone combinations (53) - miscellaneous vaginal agents (2) - progesterone receptor modulators (1)