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The Newburgh Conspiracy was what appeared to be a planned military coup by the Continental Army in March 1783, when the American Revolutionary War was at its end. The conspiracy may have been instigated by members in the Congress of the Confederation, who circulated an anonymous letter in the army camp at Newburgh, New York, on March


The Newburgh Conspiracy was a plan by Continental Army officers to challenge the authority of the Confederation Congress, arising from their frustration with Congress's long-standing inability to meet its financial obligations to the military. By early 1783, widespread unrest had created an atmosphere ripe for mutiny. In the end, however, George Washington defused the situation with an ...


Washington puts an end to the Newburgh Conspiracy. On the morning of March 15, 1783, General George Washington makes a surprise appearance at an assembly of army officers at Newburgh, ...


Some historians call the incident the “Newburgh Addresses”; others know it as the “Newburgh Conspiracy.” Simply stated, it was a chain of events culminating in a meeting to decide whether the officers would trust Congress to redeem overdue pay and pension claims or whether they would open the national treasury with the army’s bayonets.


The Newburgh Conspiracy. Sidney Hart. George Washington (The Athenaeum Portrait) / Gilbert Stuart / Oil on canvas, 1796 / National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution; acquired as a gift to the nation through the generosity of the Donald W. Reynolds Foundation.


The Newburgh Conspiracy was what appeared to be a threatened uprising in the Continental Army in March 1783, when the American Revolutionary War was at its end. Possibly instigated by political actors in the Congress of the Confederation, an anonymous letter was circulated in the army camp at...


The Newburgh conspiracy. Alexander Hamilton, who is believed by many to have played a role in the Newburgh conspiracy. The Newburgh incident of 1783 was nothing more than a conspiracy, a series of rumours and verbal proposals, so very little is known about it. Nevertheless, it reveals some of the dissatisfactions and fractures in the new ...


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In March of 1783, George Washington faced a serious threat to his authority and to the civil government of the new nation. The Continental Army, based in Newburgh, New York, was awaiting word of peace negotiations between Great Britain and the United States. The men were restless, anxious to go home ...