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An infant (from the Latin word infans, meaning "unable to speak" or "speechless") is the more formal or specialised synonym for "baby", the very young offspring of a human. The term may also be used to refer to juveniles of other organisms. A newborn is, in colloquial use


a human infant from the time of birth through the 28th day of life. At birth, the gestational age and birth weight are assessed and the newborn classified accordingly, for example, large for gestational age, preterm (premature), or low birth weight. Also called neonate, newborn infant.


Newborn definition is - recently born. How to use newborn in a sentence.


The English language has several terms for children between the ages of birth and 4 years, including newborn, infant, baby, and toddler.The terms are often used interchangeably and may mean different things to different people.


The man you drove from Eden's grove Was I, my Lord, was I, And I shall be there when the earth and the air Are rent from sea to sky; For it is my world, my gorgeous world, The world of my dearest woes, From the first faint cry of the newborn To the rack of the woman's throes.


Newborn definition, recently or only just born. See more.


infant [in´fant] a human child from birth (see newborn infant) to the end of the first year of life. Emotional and physical needs at this time include love and security, a sense of trust, warmth and comfort, feeding, and sucking pleasure. Growth and Development. Development is a continuous process, and each child progresses at his own rate. There is a ...


How long is a baby considered a newborn. tauz1 Asked 9/2/07 Answer this question. advertisement | page continues below. Mom Answers (77) Best answers ... i think it depends on how early your baby was. mine was 14 weeks early but wasnt considered newborn till his due date. biologically he was already 3 months old. but gestationally he was a newborn.


Newborn definition: A newborn baby or animal is one that has just been born. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples


Infant definition is - a child in the first period of life. How to use infant in a sentence.