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So you found out or suspect that your female rabbit (or doe) is pregnant. Now what? You should know a few things in order to prepare the doe and her cage for the pregnancy, as well as how to help ensure the health of the newborn baby rabbits (or kits).


Home › Info › Caring for Newborn Baby Rabbits. Caring for Newborn Baby Rabbits. IF THESE ARE WILD BABIES. It’s that time of year again. Wild babies everywhere. But are they at risk? Wild rabbits hide their nests in plain view, often in the middle of your yard, bushes, etc.


This baby rabbit is newly born It’s very important to keep newborn rabbits warm. If “core temp” of the nestbox should be around 100 degrees for the first week of the kits life.


House Rabbit Society volunteers get countless calls from well-meaning people who find "orphans" or "abandoned baby rabbits" behind the shed or in a nearby field. Unknowingly they break up families and separate mother rabbits from their babies in an effort to "save" them.


With the wild rabbit population increasing in urban areas, the probability of discovering a nest of baby rabbits is higher than ever these days.


Baby rabbits are small, sweet and furry animals that can require a lot of care. Whether you find a nest of orphaned babies, which are also called kittens, or your pet rabbit has rejected her babies, you may need to feed the rabbits to help them thrive.


Day 5: The newborn babies continue to snuggle and sleep. A thin layer of super-soft fur is now visible, showing the bunnies' true colors. Holding a the baby bunny at this age is one of the most ...


Newborn Baby Rabbits Growth Phases. Being there to watch your new litter of baby rabbits growth is some of the most fun time in any rabbit breeder’s hobby. Keep reading for a list of the key ages in your litter’s life and watch them grow into healthy and strong adult bunnies.


3 bunnies from a litter born November 24, 2010. Mother, Alice, is French Angora and father, Baxter, is a French Lop.


Older baby bunnies who are found outside of the nest may not be orphaned or in need of assistance. ... Newborn to One Week: 2 – 2+1/2 cc/ml each feeding ... (For a domestic rabbit baby, see section under the Domestic heading). Wild cottontail and brush bunny rabbits should be released as soon as they are eating hay and greens and are ...