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Amazon is an e-commerce company that sells and manages delivery of various products through its online service. The homepage typically lists featured products and special offers, but if a user has visited the website previously, the homepage is tailored specifically according to the user’s shopping


The Amazon River basin covers parts of Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, French Guiana, Guyana, Peru, Suriname and Venezuela, totalling about 40 percent of South America. The Amazon River itself runs west to east from Iquitos in Peru, across Brazil and to the Atlantic Ocean.


To sell items on Amazon, it is necessary to register for a seller's account. After the seller's account is operational, products are listed on the website. Sellers are required to pay a fee for listing items on Amazon, and can typically set up an account in less than an hour.


Amazon.com customers can contact the company by going to the Contact Us section of the website. On this page, the customer is prompted to choose the category her issue falls under, such as a problem with an order, as well as indicate the preferred method of communication.


The corporate headquarters of Amazon.com Inc. are located at 410 Terry Ave. N, Seattle, WA 98109. The online retail company may be reached via phone at (206) 266-1000.


Amazon has 132 active distributions centers worldwide, as of 2014. In the United States and Canada, there are 66 fulfillment, return, redistribution and sorting centers. Most of these centers are located near airports. Items are shipped from the fulfillment center closest to the address destination.


As of 2015, toll-free customer service phone numbers for Amazon.com are 1-866-216-1072 and 1-888-280-4331. The company also offers an online system that can call customers who enter their own phone numbers along with a description of the reason for their support request.


The Amazon River is approximately 4,000 miles, or 6,400 kilometers, long. It can get as wide as almost 120 miles, or 190 kilometers, during the rainy season. The river runs through the South American countries of Guyana, Ecuador, Venezuela, Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia and Peru.


The Amazon River supplies more fresh water to the world’s oceans than any other river. It also has the more tributaries than any other river and the world’s largest watershed. Though a National Geographic article published in 2007 offers some evidence that the Amazon is the longest river in the worl


The Amazon River and its tributaries are important for local agriculture, for transportation and as a source of hydroelectric power. Unfortunately, the Amazon's economic value is also a leading cause of environmental degradation in the area.