For New York state probate law, the deceased's will is filed with the probate court, and after any issues are addressed, the judge grants letters testamentary, according to attorney Rudolf J. Karvay. Individuals disputin... More » Government & Politics Law

To start the probate process, you usually need the will, explains New York Life. The executor of the will comes forward and begins the probate process in the county of the decedent's legal residence at the time of his de... More » Government & Politics Law

There are many labor laws in the state of New York. The New York State Department of Labor governs minimum wage, work hours, child labor, wage payments and supplements, industrial homework, apparel industry registration,... More » Government & Politics Law
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Under New Mexico state law, an individual must submit an application and acceptance form to the court along with an original death certificate and letters of administration to open a probate case, according to the Bernal... More » Government & Politics Law

A will is probated in probate court, which is a state court governed by state and local law. The probate court determines the validity of the will and oversees the distribution of the decedent's assets, according to Corn... More » Government & Politics Law

New York state laws do not place limitations on who is eligible for adoption. Adults are permitted to adopt other adults. Anyone over the age of 14 must consent to the adoption. Unmarried adults are permitted to adopt. I... More » Government & Politics Law

The New York State Legislature website and the Legal Information Institute provide links to a list of New York state statutes. New York state statutes are divided into two primary categories: consolidated and unconsolida... More » Government & Politics Law