One thing users can do with a used Sprint phone, as of 2015, is to trade it in and receive instant credit toward a new phone purchase or an account credit, as long as the device is eligible. Used Sprint phones ineligible... More » Technology Mobile

Some features that will be on the phones coming to Sprint in 2015 and beyond are a 13MP Camera, Laser Auto Focus, Gesture View, 3,000mAH battery with fast charge and Optical Image Stabilization. These features can be fou... More » Technology Mobile

As of April 2015, Sprint offers discounts on phones for new customers who agree to two-year contracts. In addition, customers can choose installment plans that require monthly payments over a two-year time frame; these p... More » Technology Mobile

To qualify for an upgrade to a new phone with Sprint, you must have an account in good standing for at least one year. An account in good standing is one for which service has not been interrupted due to failure to make ... More » Technology Mobile

Sprint offers its Sprint Family Locator service allowing users to track family members as well as users from separate plans for a fee added to the customers monthly payments. The Sprint Family Locator is available throug... More » Technology Mobile

To use Sprint's GPS tracking service to locate a stolen phone, the device must be enrolled in the Sprint Total Equipment Protection plan. If the device cannot be located, the plan lets the customer erase the data from th... More » Technology Mobile

Sprint offers a variety of cellphone and other device plans depending on the customer's individual or group needs, including the Family Share Pack, the $60 Unlimited Plan, the Unlimited Family Plan, data-only plans, home... More » Technology Mobile