Some features that will be on the phones coming to Sprint in 2015 and beyond are a 13MP Camera, Laser Auto Focus, Gesture View, 3,000mAH battery with fast charge and Optical Image Stabilization. These features can be fou... More »

One thing users can do with a used Sprint phone, as of 2015, is to trade it in and receive instant credit toward a new phone purchase or an account credit, as long as the device is eligible. Used Sprint phones ineligible... More »

As of 2014, you can file a phone claim with Sprint using the Total Equipment Protection section of its website. On the website, you can start, continue and track phone claims and even track a return. For mechanical and e... More »

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The iOS 7 update includes changes to the overall design and interface, new features for the Camera and Photos apps, a new security system and an improved multitasking functionality. The update also adds a new voice to th... More »

Cell phones can be purchased at stores or online at vendors such as Walmart, Target and Best Buy, or at licensed cellular network stores such as Verizon Wireless, AT&T and Sprint. The cell phones include standard models,... More »

Some different types of Samsung flip phones are Samsung Rugby 4, Samsung Convoy 3, Samsung Chrono 2 and Samsung M400 (Sprint). Samsung Jitterbug Plus and Samsung Gusto 2 are other flip phones. More »

Sprint Nextel sells mobile phones by Apple, Samsung and LG as of November 2015. A provider of wireless services, Nextel Communications is a wholly owned subsidiary of telecommunications company Sprint Corporation. It sel... More »