Resources for finding a list of movies currently showing in theatres include Fandango and the Internet Movie Database. Another resource for currently showing movies is MovieFone. More » Art & Literature

New movies are typically released on Fridays to make for a longer weekend when most people go to see a movie. The opening weekend that covers the period between the first Friday to the first Sunday is an important metric... More » Art & Literature

As far as the sheer number of showings, a first-run multiplex or megaplex theater such as AMC features the most movies, although many screens may double up on the same film or retain holdouts from the previous weeks. Som... More »

The Internet Movie Database (IMDb) and Fandango are a couple of good resources for locating the cast lists for "The Hobbit" movies. "The Hobbit" movies are a trilogy of films directed by Peter Jackson and released betwee... More » Art & Literature

Fandango and IMDb offer up-to-date lists of movies that are currently playing in theaters. Both sites also provide lists of upcoming movie releases, as well as movie-related information like trailers, summaries and casts... More » Art & Literature

A listing of movies features the character Jesse Stone is available on the Internet Movie Database, or IMDb. Jesse is a character played by Tom Selleck in eight different TV movies, as of 2015. More » Art & Literature

Local newspapers, Google Movies, MSN Movies and Fandango provide local listings for movies in theaters as of 2015. Some theaters offer online ticketing so moviegoers can guarantee their seats in advance. More »