Under New Mexico state law, an individual must submit an application and acceptance form to the court along with an original death certificate and letters of administration to open a probate case, according to the Bernal... More »

Unusual laws in New Mexico focus on spitting on the opera house steps and driving or hunting in Mountain View Cemetery in the town of Deming, as published by Carrying a lunch box down Main Street in Las Cr... More »

All 50 states, plus three territories, have laws that allow the issuance of concealed-carry permits to gun owners. The requirements for receiving a permit vary by jurisdiction. More »

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The probate process begins by filing a request to probate in the appropriate court of the county the deceased was living at the time of his death, says Nolo. The original will and a death certificate must accompany the r... More »

Beneficiaries require a probate process even where a will exists, as the title of the property to a deceased individual's estate can only be legally transferred by a court, explains Additionally, certain ... More »

Probate law in Ontario mandates that probate is necessary when the court needs to approve the vesting of assets of the deceased's estate, Miltons Estate Law Firm explains. The necessity for probate is usually needed when... More »

Thoroughly review the law and procedures pertaining to your case to represent yourself effectively in court, recommends the American Bar Association. Legal books and public service websites are a good source of informati... More »