Invention ideas should be documented and outlined as to how the invention works and benefits potential consumers. The next step is to patent the idea to prevent someone from stealing the invention idea. A prototype of th... More » History Inventions

Invention convention ideas include a mechanism for making a bed, a protective helmet for water sports and an utensil sorter. The utensil sorter makes doing dishes simpler and more enjoyable. More » Education

Sir Francis Bacon's greatest contribution was developing the Baconian method, also known as empiricism and the scientific method. Coupled with his belief that knowledge and science are to be used for the relief of humani... More » History Inventions
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Credit for the invention of calculus is generally given to Sir Isaac Newton and Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibniz, both of whom published a series of works on the subject in the late 1600s and early 1700s. Although both deve... More » History Inventions

An invention disclosure form is the paperwork filed to a patent office that supplies all of the details of an inventor's work. The form includes all relevant information, such as who the inventor is, what materials are i... More » History Inventions

While the actual date of its invention is unknown, the rocking horse is known to have been present at around 4000 B.C. in ancient Greece and Persia. Rocking horses with half-moon bases are thought to have originated from... More » History Inventions

The first working gun silencer was developed by Hiram P. Maxim in 1908, who started selling the first units when the invention was patented, in 1909. Hiram P. Maxim is the son of U.S. born inventor Hiram Smith Maxim who ... More » History Inventions