Though the most important goal of early New England colonists was to provide food and necessities for themselves and their families, many settlers came to the New World in search of untapped resources and financial oppor... More »

The Chesapeake and New England colonies, like many developing civilizations, formed into distinct societies due to the geography of their respective regions. The different available resources and climates of these societ... More »

The Massachusetts Bay Company backed the economy of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. In fact, it was the founders of the Massachusetts Bay Company that started the Massachusetts Bay Colony. More » History Modern History US History

When the British began sending settlers to the New World, the New England colonies were governed by one of two types of contracts: royal and charter. The two types of government differed mainly in whether the higher offi... More » History Modern History US History

The prevailing religion of the New England Colonies was Christianity, but along markedly different lines to the Anglican Church (or Church of England) that the settlers had fled. The Puritan approach to Christianity was ... More »

Colonists in New England relied heavily on the natural resources around them for food, which means that their diets were typically rich in seafood, including fish such as cod and shellfish such as lobster and oysters. Th... More »

New England settlers found work as fishermen, dock workers, sailors, shipbuilders, merchants and artisans. Most people farmed, but the poor soil made anything but bare subsistence farming impossible. More »