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How does insurance work when buying a new car? You don’t have to switch your insurance to your new car right off the bat. Since most insurers offer a grace period for updating your policy with your new vehicle, your dealer will typically just need proof of insurance before they throw you the keys.


Auto loan/lease (or gap) insurance is usually only required on a lease, but it can be a great purchase for those buying a new car as well. If you buy or lease a new car and get in an accident that renders it a total loss, your insurer will pay the amount defined in your total loss coverage declaration — but chances are you'll still owe your lender.


If you sell your car, you need to transfer the car insurance policy on the name of the new owner. Follow the steps given below to transfer the insurance to the new owner: 1. You need to get a sale affidavit made with details of the transfer, details of the new owner and details of payment. It should be notarized and signed. 2.


Is a new car purchase in your future? Get help with a new auto insurance policy—and more. Whether you're keeping up with the Joneses by purchasing a bigger SUV or going green with a pint-sized hybrid, shopping for a new car is an exciting time.


A. If this is your first car and you don't already have car insurance, you'll need it before you drive the new car off the lot.In addition, if you're financing the vehicle, your lender will likely require you to have insurance at the time of the purchase.


Car dealerships generally won’t allow you to drive off the lot until you show proof of car insurance for your new vehicle. That’s because in nearly every state, car insurance is required by law. And dealers don’t want to risk a lawsuit should an uninsured driver cause an accident on the way home, leaving medical bills or damaged vehicle costs financially uncovered.


Some car manufacturers will also throw in other money-saving extras when you purchase a new car, such as a year’s free car insurance or breakdown cover. New car cons. The biggest problem with buying a new car is that as soon as you drive it off the forecourt, it depreciates.


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