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Violation Payments: E-ZPass Customer Service Center. E-ZPass Customer Service Center. P.O. Box 15185. P.O. Box 15186. Albany, New York 12212-5185.


This currently includes roads in Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, ...


Jul 15, 2017 ... E-Z Pass fee for paper statements illegal, lawsuit alleges ... yank his car registration if he didn't pay $960 for 18 tolls plus violation fees, he said.


The DMV does not issue the E-ZPass tags or administer the E-ZPass program. ... City - Traffic Violations Bureau (TVB) Tickets received outside of New York.


I have an E‑ZPass and got a violation notice or bill from another state. This usually means one of two things. Your transponder was not read and a photo of your ...


Violation Number : I understand that Professional Account Management, LLC is a debt collection agency attempting to collect a debt ...


Sep 1, 2011 ... Many motorists are driving through these high-speed E-Z Pass lanes without paying the toll, seemingly unconcerned about the traffic violation.


Dec 26, 2019 ... If you're unsuccessful resolving a toll violation through the E-ZPass New York customer service center, you should request assistance by ...


Customer violations - occurs when a customer uses a ny ezpass facility and their tag is not in a VALID STATUS and an electronic toll can't be deducted from their ...


Dec 9, 2019 ... raising its E-ZPass violation fee from $25 to $50. E-ZPass and Toll by Mail fees can be an immense headache to travelers. Travelers to New ...