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A Ford gas gauge fails when there is either a shortened or opened wire in the electrical system. A shortened wire blows a fuse, while an opened wire doesn't allow any electrical current to reach the gas gauge.


The Ford F-250 averages 15 miles per gallon. Drivers report getting 10 to 15 miles per gallon around town and 15 to 20 miles per gallon on the highway, according to Kelley Blue Book. When the truck is loaded or towing, it averages fewer miles per gallon.


There is no Environmental Protection Agency fuel-economy rating for the F-250, but Autotrader reports that diesel models are capable of up to 20 miles per gallon on the open road on the 2014 model. The Chronicle, an Australian publication, reported fuel usage of 18 miles per gallon.


The average gas mileage rating for the 6.8-liter Ford Triton V-10 engine used in Ford's heavy-duty trucks and vans is between 8 and 11 mpg. The actual gas mileage for a given vehicle powered by a V-10 engine varies depending on the exact body style and configuration of the vehicle.


Ford Motor Company's objectives span a number of areas, including sales, research and innovation, sustainability and safety. As of 2014, Ford's financial objectives included increasing its global sales and achieving more balanced geographic profitability by the year 2020, says StreetInsider.com.


All models of the 2014 Ford Focus, except for the electric hatch, have a gas tank that can hold 12.4 gallons of fuel. The sedan has an estimated mileage of 26 miles per gallon in the city, yielding a range of over 300 miles with a full tank.


The manufacturer of engines that require a mixture of gasoline and oil calculates the correct ratio of gas to oil, which varies widely. The operator’s manual usually indicates the correct ratio for that engine, or the owner can obtain this information from the retailer or manufacturer.


To find discounted motorized scooters, shop at second-hand locations, such as Amazon.com or eBay.com to purchase different types of used motorized scooters. Additionally, keep track of major retailers, and purchase a scooter when there is a sale opportunity present.


The gas-to-oil ratio for pre-mix and autoblend outboard motors is 50:1. In the case of pre-mix outboard motors the oil is added to the fuel tank when the tank is being filled with fuel. Autoblend motors have a mounted reservoir that is filled independently, which releases oil steadily.


There are many general methods to improve the gas mileage of a Ford F250, as well as any other type of vehicle. Methods include decreasing cargo and weight, accelerating slowly, properly inflating tires and maintaining the air filter. Owners can also install aftermarket parts, specifically performan