Drinking water and eating healthy foods can minimize the effects of nervous shaking, according to Calm Clinic. Adrenaline drives nervous shaking, which makes it difficult to stop after it starts. Expediting the process o... More »

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WebMD lists a number of conditions associated with body shaking, including the flu in adults, viral syndrome and Parkinson's disease. An acute stress reaction or cold exposure also causing body shakes. WebMD also notes s... More »

Anxiety can cause the sensation of shaking or trembling, according to the American Psychiatric Association. This is especially true in the case of panic disorder, which is characterized by overwhelming physical and emoti... More »

To stop being nervous, write out all negative thoughts, participate in moderate exercise or relaxation exercises, talk to a friend or a family member or emerge in an activity that is a mental distraction, notes Calm Clin... More »

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Some treatments for uncontrollable tremors in the hands and other areas of the body include deep brain stimulation; thalamotomy; physical therapy; psychological treatments; and medications such as pramipexole, ropinirole... More »

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Treatments for type 1 diabetes include taking insulin, counting dietary carbohydrates, monitoring blood sugar, eating healthy foods and keeping a healthy weight through exercise. The goal is to keep daytime blood sugar b... More »

Symptoms of atherosclerosis may be delayed or prevented primarily through lifestyle changes, including stopping smoking, eating healthy foods, controlling weight and participating in physical activity. Although problemat... More »

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