To understand how a nerve impulse travels along the neuron, the complete pathway of the neuron must be understood. The impulse is essentially a message that is sent to the brain. More »

Nerve impulses travel directly across connected synapses via electricity, while the impulses use special chemicals to cross non-touching synapses, according to the Science Museum of the South Kensington Museum in London.... More »

Nerve impulses begin with a change in the charge of voltages found in axon walls, which are stimulated by ions moving in and out of the neuron walls. Nerve impulses are formed from a change in voltage, which then creates... More »

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The sciatic nerve is the primary nerve that runs down the back of the leg. It branches from the lower spine and runs the entire length of the leg and foot. More » Science Human Anatomy Nerves

The neuron is the basic unit in the nervous system, acting as a specialized conductor cell that receives and transmits electrochemical nerve impulses, explains Dr. Ananya Mandal. A typical neuron has a cell body and long... More »