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Nero Claudius Caesar was born in December of 37 A.D. at Antium and reigned as the fifth emperor (Princeps) of Rome, from 54-68 A.D. under the political system created by Augustus after Civil War had finally put an end to the Roman Republic.


Directed by Paul Marcus. With Hans Matheson, Laura Morante, Rike Schmid, Matthias Habich. A six-episode mini-series covering five centuries of the Roman Empire.


The Emperor Nero is one of the most notorious figures in Roman history. His fourteen year reign was marked by paranoia, murder and persecution. He has remained ever since a benchmark for tyranny in the popular imagination. Yet, as this fascinating study shows, his reign began with high hopes. He was young, attractive, a refreshing change from ...


Emperor Nero was born as Lucius Domitius Ahenobarbus in 37 C.E. to a relatively crazy family, even by Roman standards. His mother managed to manipulate her way into ensuring her son would be the ...


Interesting Facts about Roman Emperor Nero. Nero was born in 37 AD with the name Lucius Domitius Ahenobarbus. His father was Gnaeus Domitius Ahenobarbus and his mother was Agrippina who was the sister of the insane Roman Emperor Caligula. After Nero's father died in 48 AD his mother Agrippina married her uncle the Roman emperor Claudius.


The Roman emperor Nero is known as one of history’s most brutal and eccentric leaders. He is said to have killed his mother, stepbrother and wives, persecuted Christians and squandered a fortune ...


Nero burns Rome and blames it on the Christians. Emperor Nero was one of the most diabolical of Rome’s Twelve Caesars. He practiced Machiavellian rules 1,400 years before Machiavelli wrote them. He used the absolute power he possessed to preserve himself at all costs. To Nero, the end always justified the means.


Most of the historical evidence for Nero persecuting Christians comes to us from the writings of the Roman historian Tacitus, who wrote between 115-120 CE, at least fifty years after the events he ...


A known fact of past history is that 2000 years ago, during the time of John the Revelator, Caesar Nero was the reigning emperor of the Roman Empire. Nero reigned from 54 - 68 AD. Nero reigned from 54 - 68 AD.


But our most detailed images of homosexual marriages come from the descriptions of Roman emperors. Nero, a depraved first-century emperor, married at least two men. He wed Pythagoras in a formal same-sex wedding by first putting on a bridal veil that made Nero the "bride" and Pythagoras the "groom."