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Augustus was never officially named emperor of Rome, but was made president of the senate and Pontifex Maximus, or chief priest. He co-led with Mark Antony and Lepidus, who was Pontifex Maximus before Augustus, in what was referred to as a triumvirate. This arrangement was set to last for 5 years, b


The Roman Empire was formally declared in 27 B.C. when the Senate granted Gaius Octavius the title Augustus, creating the first emperor of the Roman civilization. The period of Imperial Rome followed the Triumvirate period of civil wars and a 500 year-old republic.


Constantine is known for being the first Roman emperor to accept and promote the Christian religion and was largely responsible for how prominent it became during the Middle Ages. He also established a new Roman capital he called New Rome, or Constantinople, as it was commonly called by his subjects


Emperor scorpions must be housed in a suitable terrarium and fed a moderate amount of nutritious food. To avoid infestations of mites, their environment must be kept clean. They should not be handled too often because handling causes them stress.


Emperor penguins live on the continent of Antarctica, forming colonies on the massive pieces of ice. These penguins live along the coast of Antarctica, moving between the ice and the frigid waters.


Despite the harsh conditions of living in Antarctica, an emperor penguin can generally live for up to 20 years. Recent observations note that some individuals can even live upwards of 50 years.


According to Encyclopedia Britannica, emperor penguins are preyed upon by killer whales, leopard seals and giant fulmars. A native of Antarctica, the emperor penguin is the largest species of penguin in the world, approaching 50 inches in length and 55 to 100 pounds in weight.


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Nero was Roman emperor from 54 to 68 CE. The last of the Julio-Claudians to rule the Roman Empire, his 14-year reign represents everything decadent about that period in Roman history. He was self-indulgent, cruel, and violent as well as a cross-dressing exhibitionist. His lavish parties combined with the burning of Rome continued the economic chaos that had plagued the Roman citizenry since ...