Neptune is the coldest planet in the Solar System, maintaining a fairly consistent average of -200 degrees Celsius. Towards the planet's equator, temperatures can get as cold as -218 degrees Celsius, while temperature at... More »

Neptune's surface temperature is estimated at minus 353 degrees Fahrenheit. The surface temperature varies based on where the planet is in its rotation, and different poles are continuously exposed to the Sun's heat. More »

The average temperature on Neptune is -373 degrees Fahrenheit. Neptune is, on average, 2.8 billion miles from the sun, making it the eighth planet from the sun, which is one reason this planet is so cold. More »

Neptune is an ice giant planet that is blue in color and is the fourth-largest planet in the Solar System. When looking at Neptune with smaller detail, an observer will see the planet's blueness as largely smooth and uni... More »

The mean temperature of Neptune is -353 degrees Fahrenheit, which drops to -346 degrees F at the planet's cloud tops. Along with Uranus, Neptune is categorized as an ice giant, primarily due to its icy composition. More » Science Astronomy Planets

Neptune has an average temperature of -373 degrees Fahrenheit, while the clouds that make up the planet's atmosphere range between -240 and -330 degrees Fahrenheit. Neptune is an ice giant that is primarily made up of a ... More »

Neptune is the solar system's farthest planet from the sun, located an average of 2.79 billion miles away. The circumference of its orbit is 17.56 billion miles, more than 30 times the orbit circumference of Earth. Its v... More »