The wife of a person's nephew is the individual's niece-in-law. It is accepted by some that in-laws are either direct relatives of someone's spouse or the spouses of someone's direct relative, but the relationship goes n... More » Family

Commonly a person's great-niece and nephew are father and daughter. However, they can also be uncle and niece. Technically, what people call a great-niece is actually a grand-niece. There is also a great grand-niece, whi... More » Family Genealogy

A niece is the female child of a person's brother or sister. A niece can also be the female child of the brother or sister of a person's spouse. More » Family Genealogy
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When a person's niece or nephew has a female child, the child is the grandniece of that individual. A grandniece is also referred to as a great niece. More » Family Genealogy

A grandnephew, also commonly known as a great-nephew, is the son of a person's niece or nephew. A person who has a grandnephew is known as a great-aunt or great-uncle. More » Family Genealogy

Grandniece and great-niece are interchangeable terms that describe the daughter of a person's niece or nephew. Grandniece aligns more traditionally with the term grandson, but "great" in the expression great-niece means ... More » Family Genealogy

The child of a niece or nephew is called a grandniece or grandnephew, depending on the child's gender. That makes the aunt a grandaunt and the uncle a granduncle. More » Family Genealogy