Nepal's government is a federal democratic republic. This newest form of government replaces the previous monarchy, which Parliament voted to remove in 2007. More »

Britain recognized the complete independence of Nepal in the year 1923. Nepal's location is adjacent to both India and China in the Himalayan region. The country of Nepal is multicultural, multi-ethnic and multilingual. More »

The tourist visa application for Nepal includes questions about the purpose of the visit, dates of previous visits, the traveler's contact information, occupation and source of spending money. People requesting nontouris... More » Geography

India is a democratic republic The country is also structured with a federal system of government. In addition to the national or central government, India is comprised of individual states. More »

Cuba has a totalitarian communist state government. It is headed by President Raul Castro. Raul succeeded his brother, Fidel Castro, as president in 2008. Castro is the president, chief of state and commander of the arme... More »

Joseph Stalin modernized Soviet agriculture by consolidating private farms into a huge government collective, according to the BBC. Before the Russian Revolution of 1917, Russian farms were private businesses usually run... More »

Egypt has had some form of government in place since approximately 3000 BC, when the pharaohs ruled the country. Assyrians, Persians, Macedonians, Romans, Arabs, Ottomans and the British have all at one point governed Eg... More » Government & Politics Foreign Laws